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Serving Central Texas Since 1983

TX Lic: B-07974 TX ACR-1421

Client Support Documents:

Below are the commonly requested userguides and documents. If you do not see what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will be glad to help you find it. Thanks.

Security Userguides
Gemini RP3DGTL

Gemini RP2ASe2

Gemini DK1CA



Gemini DK3DGTL



Gemini RP1CAe2

Gemini K3DGTL
Magnum 1054e

Honeywell 6150

Freedom 64CODE K1




Gemini K2AS

DSC Power Series
2GIG GC3 Panel.JPG

Gemini K1CA

2GIG Go!Control
Qolsys IQ2+.JPG

Below are some invaluable sources of information such as articles, safety precautions, etc.:

Unlicensed Alarm Companies Pushing Illegal Door-To-Door Sales Across Texas - by TBFAA - DALLAS, June 16, PRNewswire - Across the state of Texas, homeowners are being approached by illegally operating and unlicensed alarm companies to buy an alarm system. Through the use of door-to-door sales staff, out-of-state alarm companies have allowed over-zealous representatives to misrepresent... read more


Verify a Company's Security License - through the Texas Department of Public Safety - click here


Verify a Company's Fire License - through the Texas Department of Insurance - click here


Alarming Information - by Wayne Crook on August 24, 2011 - - Quality electronic alarm systems and quality firearms have three primary things in common; they both are reliable, neither is cheap, and one-size-does-not-fit-all. An alarm system is a compilation of electronic components arranged in a manner to meet your specific requirements. Those components are supposed to be installed in compliance with All Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)... read more


Alarming Responses - by Wayne Crook on September 12, 2011 - USACarry - In an evaluation of one of my products a concealed carry instructor recently wrote: But what about when the person is not present? The pistol pad is an intrusion detection device, but not an intrusion/theft prevention device… There are indeed criminals bold enough to break into houses that have alarm systems because they know full... read more


"Weapon" - Defined - by Wayne Crook on September 27, 2011 - USACarry - A weapon, as defined by Wikipedia, is a tool or instrument used with the aim of causing damage or harm (either physical or psychological) to living beings… By definition, firearms and electronic alarm systems are both weapons... read more


About Security:


I just bought my house and it has a VIP Security System in it. How can I learn how to use it?

Give us a call and we can provide a demonstration and full system check at no charge.


I just moved into my rental property which has a VIP Security System. Can I call any other company to activate it?

NO! The security system in your house was purchased by the owner of the property and must not be touched by any other company.


How much will a security system cost per month to put in my house?

Depending on whether or not your house is already built or if the house has a security system in it already, the price of the system per month can vary. Give us a call and we can determine a better estimate of the price of the system installed in your home.


I have a security system in my house installed by another company. Can you monitor it for me?

Certainly. Give us a call.


My builder uses another company to pre-wire his houses under construction. How can I have VIP Security instead?

We can contact your builder to determine timeframes during the construction phase.


Does your alarm system have more than 3 doors and a motion detector?

Absolutely. We strongly encourage that the full perimeter of the home to be on the system, however, we can install 3 doors and a motion detector if finance is a problem.


Is there a service discount for your monitored customers?

Yes. Depending on your location we offer a 20-40 percent discount on the hourly service rate.


When my alarm system goes off, who will know?

If you are a monitored customer, local emergency response department will be notified after a phone call to your home by central station. Also, any additional phone numbers which will be provided by you will be notified.


I just bought a house that is pre-wired by another company. Can you complete the security system?

Yes. We can complete another company’s pre-wire. Just give us a call.

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