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A Full Service Construction Electronics Company

Serving Central Texas Since 1983

TX Lic: B-07974 TX ACR-1421


Traditionally, VIP Security has been pre-wiring homes primarily for Security Alarm Systems since the 1980's.  We still do to this day because it is still the best plan that allows the home buyer to pick and choose whichever system they want in their home, whereas if homes are not prewired, the options are drastically reduced and the requirement for a 100% wireless system is the only option.  The cost of wireless is higher on the front end as well as in the long run with the need to replace wireless window/door transmitter batteries every few years.  VIP Security is committed to provide the best level of security service possible for our clients and this commitment to excellence is what keeps our builders happy.
Many times customers build a house and completely forget about prewiring for surveillance cameras.  Whether the customer wants to buy their own cameras from a big box store or buy professionally installed cameras through VIP Security after they move in, we make sure to ask the customer if they are wanting cameras early in the construction phase so that they have cost effective options to either have the cameras installed by VIP Security or DIY. 
The need for a solid hard-wired ethernet and network cabling is increasing like ever before.  If you have ever experienced watching a movie streamed over a WiFi signal in your home, you may can relate.  WiFi is a good solution for simple tasks like printing a document from your phone or PC, but to rely exclusively on it for streaming videos and movies over your home WiFi is simply not a great long term plan either, especially if you had options to hard wire your TV's for Ethernet Cabling during construction.  VIP Security can design a solid Network and TV cabling plan for your home that will last for generations to come without the messy cables hanging out of the walls of your newly built home.
VIP Security installs a lot of Audio Systems.  We prewire and complete Whole House Distributed Audio as well as Home Theater systems.  With options for the customer to play music straight from their smartphone throughout the house as well as play a movie or sports game simultaneously, VIP Security creates a custom design for each and every job that best fits the customers lifestyle and budget.
Below are a few examples of our work: 
Structured Cabling:
VIP Job Pics093.jpg
VIP Job Pics103.jpg

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