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A Full Service Construction Electronics Company

Serving Central Texas Since 1983

TX Lic: B-07974 TX ACR-1421



VIP Security has been installing, servicing, and monitoring many different kinds of security systems over the past 30 years.  There is not a single system on the market that we cannot install, so if you have a specific system in mind, please let us know and we will be glad to do our best to cater the install to meet your specific requirments.
We will likely choose from two types of security systems depending on your situation and preferrences unless you have a specific request.  Please give us a call so we can ask the appropriate questions necessary to fit you with a system that best fits you and your lifestyle.
NAPCO Security
Traditional Security
2GIG Security
Smart Security
Smart Security
DSC Security
Traditional Security
Touchscreen Keypad

Our Security Systems Typically Cover:

  • All articulating openings to the exterior of the space contacted - including Garage Overhead Door.
  • One  (1)  Central Processing Unit  (up to 8 zones);
  • One  (1)  Grounded Power Supply with Status LED;
  • One  (1)  Battery Backup Power Supply;
  • One  (1)  LED Style System Control Pad;
  • One  (1)  Interior Siren;
  • One  (1)  Exterior Siren;
  • One  (1)  Yard Sign and Window Decals

Are You Thinking You Want Wireless?  We've got you covered!


"Wireless" can mean two different things:  Wireless Window/Door Sensors and other devices?  or Wireless Communication such as Cellular GSM Communicators (landline telephone not needed)? 


We offer both of these types of wireless components.  Please keep in mind that if you are building a new home, it is best to hardwire the home prior to sheetrock so that you have many options as to what security system you would like to have.  

Call us today for a low monthly monitoring rate as low as

            $ 34.95 / per month (through cellular LTE radio),

         or $24.95 / per month (through traditional landline). 

Apples-to-Apples, we will match or beat any price in the industry.

V  Versatility  I   Integrity   P  Professionalism

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