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A Full Service Construction Electronics Company

Serving Central Texas Since 1983

TX Lic: B-07974 TX ACR-1421

VIP Security's Primary Central Station Monitoring Provided By:

United Central Control

8415 Datapoint Drive, Suite 500

San Antonio, TX 78229

TX License #B-06490

United Central Control - San Antonio, TX Renews "Five Diamond Central Station Certification"


Call us today for a low monthly monitoring rate of $ 24.95 / per month

( 83 cents / day).  Apples-to-Apples, we will beat any price in the industry.

How Monitoring Works:

  • Cellular (Primary and/or Backup)
  • Internet Protocol
  • Supervised Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Test
  • Personal Emergency Response Monitoring
  • Elderly Care Monitoring
  • Critical Condition Monitoring
  • Open/Close Log only
  • Scheduled Open/Close Supervised
  • Two-way Voice Monitoring

Additional Monitoring Options:

LTE Cellular Communicators

If you prefer a Cellular Communicator instead of a landline telephone, No Problem.  We have wireless solutions that will fit your situation and preferences through our Cellular Communicators either used as a backup with your home phone line, or used as the primary system communicator for full interactive services and mobile app features.


These can also allow you remote control capabilities from your smartphone, tablet, or computer as well powered by

and / or

Landline Telephone

Don't fall for the pushy sales pitch that a landline telephone compromises your security!  Landline telephones are still, in fact, one of the most reliable ways of sending alarm signals from your security system to proper authorities.  Network towers, cellular signal strength, and weather changes frequently whereas landline telephones do not.

V  Versatility  I   Integrity   P  Professionalism

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